Architecture is a fundamental element in the social and cultural development of our society and can offer solutions for local needs and global challenges.

We strive to deliver hollistic design solutions in dialog with the specific context and focusing on the qualities for the user/inhabitant in balance with economic viability and ecological/social sustainability.

The integration of urban or natural context and adequate proportions are the fundamental basis of our multifaceted body of work and reflects our essential design parameter: the “human-scale”.



Hagmüller Architekten ZT-GmbH has extensiv experience with national- and international projects of diverse sizes and complexities. Together with our network of professional partners we offer innovative, contemporary solutions and professional services for all phases of the design- and project implementation process.

In over 40 years of architectual experience our projects are developed through intense dialog, using state-of-the-art design methods and technologies with critical input from our international design team.
Contemporary communcation enables us to maximize synergies from our international cooperations and supports our network-based work method.

Scale, economic viability, experiment, and social responibility are not seen as contradictory design parameters – we understand them as starting points for the development of hollistic spatial concepts.

The ambitious implementation of a design challenge requires a high level of personal dedication, an excellent team, professional partners and a commited client.

Our design teams analyse masterplanning and urban design parameters, organize functional correlations, develop spatial systems, test formal models and contextualize social infrastructure.

The focus of our work to date includes projects in categories:

Masterplanning and infrastructure Educational and sports facilities Hotel and congress
Landscape and urban design Industrial and office design Re-vitalisation and restoration
Residential and housing developments Healthcare and wellness Residences and roof-top extension
Cultural and institutional projects Retail and entertainment