BSO Blue Schools Oman

Blue Schools Oman

Design of prototype public school building in the Sultanate of Oman. The building is organized as an easily expandable, plug and play system with a 24H “life-cycle”. A series of renewable energy systems are embedded into the roof-structure allowing nearly 100% energy self-sufficiency. Inspired by the traditional organizational typologies of the medina the introverted building consists of semi-embedded individual units orientated towards a central circulation canyon. The volumes are covered by a multifunctional roof structure designed on the basis of traditional Islamic geometry.

Location Muscat, Oman
Project start 2011
Category Institutional
Typology Educational
Type Design Feasibility
Status completed
Net area (m²) 8.000
Con. Costs (€)
Client Ministry of Education
Office team LH, PG, AH, ÜH