BRE 230 Breitenleerstrasse 230

BRE 230
Breitenleerstrasse 230

The residential complex is situated along the Breitenleerstrasse which is a major north-east axis in Vienna. Inspired by the existing, mostly rural structures still predominant in this area the complex creates a highly densified residential fabric which is perforated by ample green zones. The zones encourage communication and social interaction within the local community – social sustainability and the human scale are crucial design aspects. This project pioneers the use of innovative ecological concepts of energy efficiency and sustainable building materials.

Location Vienna, Austria
Project start 2001
Category Residential
Typology Public
Type Design Implementation
Status completed
Net area (m²) 9.000
Units 98
Con. Costs (€) 12.200.000
Client ÖSW
Office team RH, HE, AM