BRE 217 Breitenleerstraße 217

BRE 217
Breitenleerstraße 217

The residential complex is situated along the Breitenleerstrasse which is a major north-east axis, the surrounding area is defined as an urban growth zone. The triangular geomerty of the site and the density requirements allowed the development of a high-density 4 level volume from north to south. The western part of the site has smaller units in various combinations which are loosly arranged and allow for a differentiated landscaping. The resulting public spaces/zones encourage communication and social interaction within the local community – social sustainability and the human scale are crucial design aspects.

Location Vienna, Austria
Project start 1995
Category Residential
Typology Public
Type Design Implementation
Status completed
Net area (m²) 9.700
Units 124
Con. Costs (€) 12.600.000
Client ÖSW
Office team RH, AÖ, FK, AW, VP