BHG-28 Braunhubergasse 28

Braunhubergasse 28
On a corner plot the L-shaped building houses 100 apartments all with private external balconies, terraces or gardens. Access is via a central staircase at the intersection of the two building arms. The interactive light sculpture “waterfall of light” by Lois Hagmüller celebrates the vertical space of the staircase throughout the full height of the building.

The compact building is structured by irregularly attached volumes open spaces, loggias and balconies belonging to the apartments. Through setbacks and terracing of the top floors, the reduction of the permissible building height above the corner is smoothly adapted and flows seamlessly to the adjacent existing buildings. The roof-top pool and lounging landscape with pergolas and greenery supports the social interaction of the residents. It becomes special place which encourages the community building and interaction of the residents spaning generations and cultures.

Location Vienna, Austria
Project start 2013
Category Residential
Typology Private
Type Design Implementation
Status completed 2018
Net area (m²) 7.400
Units 100
Con. Costs (€)
Client Familienwohnbau
Office team LH, HE, AG