BAK Baku Hotel Center

Baku Hotel Center

Multi-use, landmark high rise development. Site specifications and circulation parameters called for two separate towers which gradual merge with increased height. The dynamic form is punctured by sky-gardens- and pools and public viewing platforms. The mixed-use program consists of: Luxury retail and food court: 7.000 m², Roof gardens, Offices: 6.000 m²,
5-Star hotel: 12.000 m², Luxury residences: 5.000 m², Landscape-design, underground parking.

Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Project start 2008
Category Commercial
Typology Mixed use
Type Design Feasibility
Status completed
Net area (m²) 30.000
Con. Costs (€) 95.000.000
Client Link Consulting
Office team LH, MS, TS