GZE Municipal Center Eichgraben

Municipal Center Eichgraben

The Municpal center is located in the center of the city adjacent to the church on a sloping property. The large-span, timber construction makes use of the local materials. The hull acts as a protective skin housing various fuctions as well as public spaces within the volume creating a year round central attraction for the community. Functions include: municipal administration, audtiorium and event space, postoffice, bank and retail, coffeshop.

Lage Eichgraben, Österreich
Projektbeginn 2006
Kategorie Öffentlich
Typologie Verwaltung
Typ Wettbewerb
Status abgeschlossen
Nutzfläche (m²) 3.000
Baukosten (€) 3.400.000
Bauherr Municipality Eichgraben
Office team LH, RH, HE