WB-VIO Expert proceeding: Masterplan Viola Park

Expert proceeding: Masterplan Viola Park

Masterplan and landscape design for the “Viola Park” Development site. Inspired by the modern urban-sport and philosophy of “Parcour” the design follows certain principles; The Art of finding the shortest way from A to B using efficient, fluid movement.
To use a “flow” to move through the natural and urban landscapes. The building volumes are partially raised from the ground allowing a continual and differentiated landscape to flow throughout the site. “Action Points” are highlighted areas with functions embedded into landscape, a large part is left free – to be “claimed” by the inhabitants.

Location Vienna, Austria
Project start 2011
Category Urban design
Typology Masterplan
Type Competition
Status completed
Net area (m²) 100.000
Units 1038
Con. Costs (€)
Client AIV – Generali Group
Office team LH, HR, HE, NK, PG, GL