MW2 New-Settlers-Movement 2

New-Settlers-Movement 2

Single-family garden- and row-house residences. The 2 separate plots have different zoning laws; garden-houses with a built area of max. 50m², and row-houses with built area of ca. 100m².
The units are based on a modular core which is expanded and transformed to allow for numerous house configurations. Net areas can range from 125m² – 250m². The geometry maximises sunlight surfaces and allows for distant views and privacy. The gardens are zoned according to levels of intimacy and possible uses.

Location Vienna, Austria
Project start 2008
Category Residential
Typology Public
Type Design Implementation
Status completed
Net area (m²) 6.200
Units 45
Con. Costs (€) 8.300.000
Client Familienwohnbau
Office team LH, RH, HE, GL