LPPH W Special-Care Residence: Wilhelmsburg

Special-Care Residence: Wilhelmsburg

Three stations with 36 Beads each as Special-Care Senior Residences including all additional functions such as cafeteria, retail, chapel, auditorium. The site is nested between the river Traisen in the east and a small stream in the west. The building complex is divided into 2 wings separating residential and service areas. The wings are connected via a double height, transparent main entry hall. The residential wing is internally organized similar to pathways and plazas and the centrally located medical staff units.

Location Wilhelmsburg, Austria
Project start 1993
Category Institutional
Typology Healthcare
Type Design Implementation
Status completed
Net area (m²) 7.000
Units 180
Con. Costs (€)
Client State of Lower Austria
Office team RH, HE, MK, HM