HEW-GH Goldene Halle: Historic Automobile Center

Goldene Halle: Historic Automobile Center

Mix-use redevelopment of the historic Heid Maschinenfabrik AG, a former machine factory located in Stockerau, 20 km north of Vienna. Center piece of the project is the restoration and re-vitalisation of the historic main production buildings dating back to 1906. They will contain the ‘Goldene Halle – Historic Automobiles Center’ which includes; specialty workshops, historic car dealerships and insurers, exhibition and event space, office- and retail space, multimedia entertainment and food courts. A newly built 5* design hotel with spa and exquisite dining is located adjacently. Contemporary architectural language is integrated into the historical complex creating a distinguished, elegant and dynamic experience.

Location Stockerau, Austria
Project start 2006
Category Commercial
Typology Mixed use
Type Design Implementation
Status completed
Net area (m²) 12.000
Con. Costs (€) 22.000.000
Client Heid Maschinenfabrik AG
Office team LH, RH, HE